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Are You Planning for Your Retirement?

According to a recent poll by the American Express Open Forum, 60% of small business owners have not consulted with a financial advisor.  We understand, as a small business owner you’re busy, and it’s hard to think about finances beyond the days, weeks, and months ahead of you.  However, it’s important to consider a long-term view for the financial future of your business, your family, and yourself.

Although retirement may be the furthest thought from your mind, it’s never too soon to begin planning.  Questions like how much money will you need for retirement, or do you have a plan for managing your expenses during retirement need to be addressed.

American Express finds that more than 75% of business owners do not have a formal plan to transfer their business to new management or ownership when they retire.  You’re working hard to grow a lasting business, why not plan for it’s future after you’re gone?  With proper planning, you can continue to profit from your present day business endeavors long after you retire.

By thinking about who you will entrust your business to in the distant future will allow you to make short-term business decisions that align with your long-term goals.  Once a plan is in place, you will be able to make more confident decisions that can help ensure you a more secure financial future.  Decisions you make today like who you hire, how you plan your capital, and how you choose to invest can have a lasting impact on the future of your business.

As with anything in life, your small business planning should take into account not only your short-term goals, but also your long-term vision.  A farsighted view will enable you to craft a strategy to create a lasting business.  Your time is valuable, and you’re investing it in your business.  By keeping in mind a longer-term strategy, you will be able to profit from this investment even after you retire.  

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