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7 Tips to Help Manage Cash Flow During a Slow Season

Understanding your cash flow is the first step in running a successful business.  Poor cash flow is a common problem for small business owners, and can be especially harmful for those whose business is seasonal.  A slow season can be extremely detrimental for small businesses, and can even put you under. Follow these tips to help protect your business against tough times, and to better manage your finances this season, and in the future.


As a business owner, it is imperative to focus on cash flow management to help mitigate the effects of a slow season.  All too often, business owners do not plan out their finances and lack the foresight to protect themselves against the potential harms of a slow season.  It’s of the utmost importance to exercise control over your cash to enable your business to succeed.


Here are some tips to help you manage your cash during a down season.


1. Save, Save, Save.  The best way to protect your business to is to have a cash reserve – without this, you will need to rely on outside money to keep you business afloat.


2. Clear out past-seasons inventory at discounted prices.  This is a common strategy for retailers to help manage cash in down months.  It serves a dual purpose - passing on discounts to loyal customers, and getting rid of old inventory.


3. Diversify Your Offering and Services.  Get creative with new ways to serve your current customers, and to reach out to new ones.  For example, bars & restaurants can host local musicians to help get customers in the door when business is slow.


4. Consider Alternate Funding Methods.  Bank loans are not the only option to help small business owners maintain and grow.  Cash advances are a great way to get the financial support needed to help you get through the season. 


5. Know your costs.  Having a firm understanding of your fixed and variable costs can help you plan for the months, and years ahead.  If you’re experiencing a slow season, try to cut back on your variable costs to help keep you in the green.


6. Negotiate with your suppliers.  Establish a relationship with your vendors and suppliers.  When times get tight, ask for a discount, or extended payment options.


7. Audit your business regularly.  Having a good understanding of your cash flow and how money moves in and out of your business is the first step to running a profitable business.  Make a habit of analyzing your fianances monthly or quarterly. 


Poor cash flow management can ruin even the best businesses.  Make it a point to become more proactive in understanding, and managing your finances to help ensure your business’s success.  

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